Fresh Bakery

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Launch Website

I designed this site from the concept, logo, to all pages, and finally code the whole site. For the information architecture of the site, I did several trials, and finally figured it out. There were iterations for both page design and logo design. Especially thanks to all my teachers: Andrew, Sibylle, Mark during this whole project.

Marketing Plan

I started with this marketing plan for the bread business idea. This marketing plan includes analyzing the business's 3C's(Company, Competitor, Consumers) and SWOT(Strength, Weakness, Threats, Opportunities).

Open Doc

Logo Design Iterations

The logo design starts on the paper sketch. I started skteching all kinds of breads in order to get inspirations from the shapes of bread.

Then the exciting part is turning the logos into the digital world. Thinking about the combinations of the shapes, fonts and colors carefully:
- Does the shape match with the website?
- Does the details subtle enough?
- Does the font style matches the graphic part?

For the final stage, after deciding which is the best combination, adjust the details: shadow, colour, element position, letter spacing etc.


I did some research about the categories of bread, then featured several breads on the sketchbook.

Style Tiles

I made 2 different types of style tiles. Each of the style tile has its own colour theme and font style. I tried to change the different feelings to the 2 styles.


I did some rough paper sketches before I started the Hi-Fidelity wireframe, then I used the wireframe tool Axure to finish these wireframes.

Page Design